Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel

Formulated to exfoliate, rejuvenate and repair while you’re resting, Power Peel is a potent, age-reversing and skin-clarifying cocktail of actives.

It includes a high concentration of glycolic acid to gently dissolve dulling dead cells, and retinol to stimulate the manufacture of essential building blocks (like elastin and collagen, both responsible for your complexion’s youthful ‘bounce’, ‘stretch’ and density), so you wake up to plumped and glowing skin.

By eliminating pore-clogging debris, the clarifies pores to prevent blemishes, while by encouraging regeneration, this gradually lessens visibility of scars. Algae-derived chronody works to enhance vitality and trigger cell metabolism, while ‘Axolight’ – derived from wheat bran – inhibits melanogenesis to delay the development of dark spots and exhibit a skin-brightening effect.

It’s an all-round, one-stop skin-perfecting shop!